Sunday, October 16, 2011

the more the merrier..

hello guys..
just want to make a shout out here..
date: 22nd October 2011
venue: dewan taman bukit mewah, kajang, selangor

see u there;P

Saturday, August 6, 2011


lame gile aku x update... so, quick update about myself:-
aku dah dapat keje kat pasir gudang.. aku keje ngan Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering (MMHE) as Procurement Engineer... Aku tggl kat Bandar Seri Alam.. Sgat best tggl kat sini coz sumenye ade!!! mcm kat kl gak la... aku sgat hepi dgn life skarang... tgh berusahe mengubah diri drpd seorang student kepada wanita bekerjaya...hahahahha... k la, till then.. selamat berpuase sume!!!!:)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

colours for azuan...

hello everyone.. yeah, i know that it's been awhile since i last updated my blog... too busy with my not-so-healthy lifestyle.. hahahaha... neway, i have great news to share with you guys!!!! i'm so excited!!!
some people may know that my bf has problem with his eyes... yes, he is color blind... he can't really distinguish pastel colours... all pastel colour seems white to him.. this has lead to many problems for him recently especially when it comes to getting a job.. he is very and extra sensitive if we talked about this.. i'll be his crying shoulder everytime he fails his eye test (some job he applied need to undergo eye test first).. but as far as we know that there is no cure to colour blind... he googled about the cure for this but it seems that the only solution is to wear contact lenses specially made for colour blind and it can only be found in US..( US or UK i'm not sure.. TEEEHEEE!!) and it cost a fortune to get it...
but still though, the company tested him for eye test accept him to work with them.. both of us are really glad to hear this.. but the other problem is that he cannot do his work alone, he needs someone to accompany him while doing any field service... he also cannot go offshore, this made him feel sad and dissapointed... when he feels down, automatically i will feel it too... but as days past by, he seems to forget about it which makes me feel relief... he continues to be a happy lad untill this subject about colour blind is brought up by his manager again...
last week, his manager said that there will be an offshore project and asked him about his colour blind, whether he already get the solution for it... he immediately made an appointment with a doctor whom specialized in eyes..
the doctor said that he can get a pair of contact lens or he can also get a spectacle specially for colour blind.. after the consultation with the doctor he decided to get a spectacle.. and to his surprise it only cost less than 2K to get it!! he undergoes some eye test using the special specs and again he was so shocked to see a wide variety of colours.. he could see so many pinks and he could see the different types of purple.. he was so happy and so was I... he ordered the specs but only after 5 weeks he will retrieve the specs..
i am very3x glad and i'm so happy for him.. may this specs bring more colours to his life.. aminn..

Monday, May 16, 2011

pizza bread receipe...

just so you know i love baking... but i only bake two things; chocalate cake and pizza bread... but today, i would like to share pizza bread receipe and also some tips to make it perfect.. It is so simple, u should try it!!


High protein flour (kalo x de gne tepung roti, jgn gne tepung gandum nanti x lembut) -325g
Gula -60g

Telur - 1 biji

Yeast - 10 g (pakai soft-instant yeast, jgn pakai mauri-pan)

Garam -sket je.. dlm 3g

Air - 135g

Butter -30g

Shortening -25g (kalo x de, gantikan ngan butter je)


Chilli sauce

Mixed vege (ganti ngan bwg besar atau cili *capsicum)

Sausage -5 ketul




1) Place all the ingredients into the mixing bowl, use hook to beat untill well combine into a pliable dough.

2) Pastu biarkan dough tu kembang sampai size die jd double dari bentuk asal

3) Divide dough tu ikut suke korang.. dlm 40g dah comey dah... pastu flatten, spread some egg on the surface, leave dough to rinse for 10 minutes.

4) sapu chilli sauce, letak mix vege, sausage, chesse n last skali letak mayonis.. (nak hasil yang lawa, letak mayonis tu dlm piping bag, pastu baru picit atas pizza)

5) Bakar dlm oven yang dah dipanaskan. Temp: 190 degree celcius Time: 12 minutes (depends gak la, agak2 warne die dah tukar jadi golden colour, kite dah bley angkat)


Perjalanan Final Year Project

Alhamdulillah.. at last i finally submitted my final year project.. Thanks to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Agus Geter Edy Sutjipto for his big ideas and advices.. Not to forget to my partner NurAzyati Syazwina who experienced the ups and downs like i do.. Thanks to all...

Brief facts about my project:

-Materials: thin film ZnO

-Sensitive to vibration, thus convert vibration into electricity

-Can replace battery

-Can be used in many application, most suitable as alarm in aircraft industry

-Also can be used to generate street lights.. It will detect the vibrations that come from the heels of pedestrian, then this vibration will be converted to electric charge that will turn on the street lights..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

i'm a job HUNTER!!!!!!

yay!!! yeehoooo!!!! yeah3x!!!!! waahhahhahaaaahahahaha.... ok stop... ini adalah akibat apabila seseorang itu sudah terlepas segale beban sebelum ni... yep... saye dah merdeka... bebas drpd sebarang exam besar... setelah bertahun2 study... akhirnye merdeka!!!!
but actually... bukanla merdeka sepenuhnye... i still have to finish up my project... duhhh...:(
but nvrmind, project tu akan di handle sebaik mungkin.. by middle of may, i will be totally free from uia... ngehehehehehe....
now the most things i need to be worried about is JOB!!! i've been to 3 careers fair and i've been applying through jobstreet... but only one company called me for an interview... sobsobsob... tapi xpe... kite kene usahe lebih lagi la kan... orang kate apply through jobstreet je x bley pakai... so, next time akan saye gandakan usaha mencari kerja dengan menggunakan khidmat pos, telefon dan juge email.... kate orang hantar by-hand pun lagi bagus...
ok... saye akan buat satu persatu kerana saye pun skarang sangat bz dgn projek.. harap2 impian saye menjadi kenyataan.... i want to be an ENGINEER!!!! yoshh!!! (heheheehehe.. semangat tu perlu...)
kepada encik azuan yang dah pun memegang title "Field Service Engineer":
kite enjoy life dulu la kan... hehehehehehe... saye nak rase pegang duit sendiri dulu... saye nak beli barang2 yang dah lame saye idamkan... (dalam nada revenge) hahahahaha....then, baru fikir yang selanjutnye...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

PLKN memories...

I just checked my fb account and to my surprise my long lost dormmate a.k.a. teammates during PLKN, requested to be my fren.... oh god... it has been almost 5 years i think... wow... it was so great to know someone actually noticed my existence in that PLKN... hahahhaaha... what surprise me more is that she actually knows n remembers my name!!! they used to call me "KECIK" back then.. i dun think they know my real name coz i was like a shy, reserved and lone ranger kind of girl during that time... and she also has the collection of our pics!!!! here... i've just downloaded them... hahahahha...